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Healing for Liberation
Holistic Wellness for All

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Cathartic Care

was created to provide access to holistic wellness to communities of color by people of color. Through reiki, emotional support, spiritual wellness, aromatherapy, tarot and custom care we hope to provide a healing expierence. Our space is judgment free, diagnostic free and is designed to meet you where you are at. 


We are trauma-informed, non-diagnostic, queer friendly and experienced with non-traditional lifestyles. We are not here to judge, we meet you where you are and work together to support you. 

We utilize energy manipulation and guided meditation to aid your spirit. Paired with aromatherapy we aim to induce full relaxation of body and mind.

Everything needs a cleansing every once and a while. Let us help spiritually declutter your space or create a manifestation ritual. Maybe a self care routine? We will work together to soothe and uplift your spirit.



"Just to start, Jas is bar none one of the most thorough, honest, and understanding individuals you will come across. Every word that comes out of their mouth is intentional, refreshing and catered to you. Their critical thinking, wisdom, talents, and emotional support are always fueled with love and care for the people they are directed to."

- Catienna, Artist & Entrepreneur -


"Jas is such a wonderful person with miraculous gifts. They have helped me through numerous emotional issues with support, kind words, wisdom, and honesty. I have never been misled or experienced judgement. In addition to that, my tarot readings have always been spot on and Jas has been kind enough to tailor my readings towards my preferences. Their intuition is primo and Jas' connection to spirituality is palpable."

- Dominique, Nurse Practitioner -


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