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Cathartic Care

Cathartic Care exists to fill a gap in the mental health industry that particularly affects marginalized communities such as BIPOC and LGBTQ folks. We have a variety of services that can be utilized or customized to meet your needs. We are trauma-informed, skilled in non-judgmental communication, and non-diagnostic support.


Some services include directed divination, using tarot cards to help guide decisions and clarify your life path. We specialize in supporting ENM and non-traditional relationships with counseling and practical advice. We offer coaching services that help boost confidence and is identity affirming.  Through guided meditations, breath-work and directed mindfulness, we can support your spiritual growth. We also offer Reiki which alleviates blocked energy, aids in healing and encourages relaxation. We also offer products that enhance your self care and increase overall wellness.  



I founded Cathartic Care after realizing that there is a great need to challenge how self-care is approached. For most of my career I worked in education and nonprofits. I poured countless hours into organizations that I loved and believed in. However, after a decade, I realized that no matter how much I believed in the mission of these organizations, it was structurally impossible to thrive and make lasting change. The burnout from being overworked, underpaid and unconsidered had measurable side effects on my mental and physical health. It was not until I loss my dream career that I realized, there had to be a better way to move through life.


I decided it was time for a hard reset.


I channeled my energy into self-exploration. I focused on rebuilding myself and realigned my goals. I learned to rest, how to trust my intuition, and found a way to guide my spirit to calmness. Then came clarity. Months were spent breaking down what I had studied, learned and developed. I created Cathartic Care to a be collection of services focused on helping my community get the self love and care they deserve. I believe we all deserve safe spaces for rest, comfort, guidance, clarity and catharsis. So, please, come as you are.

Happy Healing

- Jas

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