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Virtual and In-Person Services


Everyone needs a spiritual cleanse occasionally. It is easy for negative energy to become stuck and start affecting our lives. We utilize energy manipulation and guided meditation to help you become unblocked. Our infused oils can act as aromatherapy and can induce full relaxation of the body and mind. 


Sometimes life gives you more than you can handle alone. We are here with trauma-informed and non-diagnostic support to get you through those tough moments. We are experienced with ethically non-monogamous/non-traditional relationships and alternative lifestyles and can give you the validation and support you need. Life and confidence coaching will help you reach your goals and learn to be assertive. We also offer mediation services for those hard conversations.


We offer Home Cleansing and altar consultations to make your safe spaces perfect places to recharge. You can use our oils in your self-care rituals, or we can figure out what works for you. Our guided meditation and breathwork sessions will help destress and refocus your mind. While our directed mindfulness will show you how to manifest your wildest dreams.


Come uncover the wisdom of the cards and let us guide you through life’s winding paths. Using directed divination, we can give you some peace of mind while you navigate difficult decisions and uncertainty. Ask your questions and learn some hard truths that will lead you towards healing.


Maybe you’re looking for a more bespoke kind of care. We have services that can address a range of lifestyle needs and concerns. Do you need support in making those hard changes to become your best self? With our accountability coaching and antiracism consultations we can help guide you towards a bright future. We have special interest support groups and non-judgement workshops focused on giving you a sense of community and much needed catharsis.


Do you have you own self care routine established?

Are you seeking Self Care products to sooth your mind, body and spirit?

 Then check out the Cathartic Care Store!!!

There you can find Reiki Infused Oils, Sacred Satin to store your oracle decks & crystals, even blessed Cathartic Cloth. 

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